*For lessons outside of the Boise city limits there is a milage fee applied

Private Lessons

Private lessons are for the people that have the time and energy to put into the majority of training. We will assist you in working through obedience and behavioral issues. We can meet up with you and your dog either at your house, or a public space and begin working through training. Each lesson lasts about an hour and a half. You have the ability to call, email, or text us through out the week for support with issues that come up during training.

individual lessons $100- for (1) 90 minute lesson

monthly plan $400- for (1) 90 minutes lesson a for 4 weeks

Flat rate $1000- for (1) 90 minute lesson a week for 3 months

For E-collar private lessons: add an additional $200 to the first initial payment

shORT TERM Daytrains

Short term daytrains are a wonderful option for humans and dogs who are needing foundational training help. If you are short on time, or need someone to do a little bit of the ground work for you, daytrains could be the solution.

With the trainers you determine one day a week were the dog is picked up from your home, or dropped off at the trainers house. 

The trainer then spends approximately 6-8 hours with the dog building foundational obedience, or working on behavioral issues one-on-one.

The trainers utilize a home environment, the foothills, parks, and downtown as a way to work through behaviors, as well and building a more stable and calm dog in public and private places.

After the day of training, the dog will be dropped off at the owners house for a mandatory 1 hour private lesson where the trainer walks the human through the training that was the focus for the dog that day, and helps them trouble shoot current or potential  issues.

Then the owner is tasked with continuing the training through the week to encourage building the right behaviors and working through the problems. 

5 Day Daytrain $1800 (5 weeks)

6 Day Daytrain $2000 (6 weeks)

Ecollar Daytrains

Ecollars can be a humane and effective tool for training when used properly.

 Our goal with ecollar training is not to shock the dog or diminish their drive or confidence. We use low level stimulations, and condition the dog to feeling the tap or twitch from the collar and attaching that to a cue or action. It is a tool to give the dog a signal that you are requiring their attention or need them to follow through with a task.  Whether you want us to do the ground work for the ecollar conditioning or you want to take it on yourself, we offer both daytrains or private lessons.

*The price of the collar is included in the package. We use Ecollar Technologies Mini Educator ecollars

Daytrain Ecollar package:

5 daytrains $2000

6 daytrains $2300

Board & Train

* limited slots available per month, contact us for availability*

Board & Train is the most comprehensive training option we offer.

This service is for puppies and adult dogs alike. Whether you are looking for full obedience training or behavioral rehabilitation. If you have been struggling with your pup and need us to take care of the training. This service covers the full array of commands, behaviors, and socialization. It ensures the dog receives the direction and focus it needs to be successful in the final outcome of training.

The way it works is for a period of 2 to 4 weeks, one trainer takes your dog home with them where the dog receives hands on instruction with the trainer in their private residence as a member of their personal pack.

Here the trainer works with the dog to establish obedience, socialization, pack structure, off-leash skills, house manners, confidence, and respect.

The dog will in essence be treated as one of the trainers personal dogs, training, sleeping, eating, and exercising with their pack. The dog will be included in the trainers days as they work with private and day train clients. This will aide in socialization, and exposure to all sorts of situations and distractions.

At the end of training you will come pick up your dog. You will receive at least a 2 hour lesson where you will learn your dogs commands, how to handle the collar properly, and how to maintain the training . Then you will take your dog home with you and continue to practice and work with them using the new skills and boundaries that were set by the trainer.

The owner will be held responsible by the trainer to continue to work with the dog to ensure regression of training does not occur.  To aide in this you will have 3 follow up lessons with your trainer. We encourage calls, texts, & emails to help along the way when issues arise.

2 week Board & Train $2000*ecollar included

3 week Board & Train $2550 *ecollar included

4 week Board & Train $3000 *ecollar included